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Fabulous cupcakes! I almost passed these by for a recipe with a shorter ingredient list, but I'm glad I didn't. The cake part wasn't super-sweet, but it didn't need to be with the frosting. The cherry vanilla buttercream was lovely in both taste and texture, and piped perfectly. Not only were these delicious, they were pretty too. I liked that I didn't need my mixer for the cake batter, so I was able to make the buttercream without having to wash my mixing bowl first. My only complaint was that I ran out of the buttercream with 3 cupcakes to go, so I dug out some canned cherry frosting that I had (a terrible substitute, but all I had). In the future, I would probably make a 1.5 batch of the buttercream and just pipe a thicker frosting layer across the board. A definite winner in my book, thanks for posting! Made for PAC Spring 2013

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Muffin Goddess April 16, 2013

I probably received more compliments on these than on anything I have ever taken to work. People were just amazed. I took more than twice as many as I needed to take, and there wasn't a cupcake left.

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Bogey'sMom March 24, 2009

I have made a million cupcakes over the years and none were better than these, ever. These are rich, moist and delicious. I went with the Ovaltine classic malt and if they can get any better than this using a higher end malt, I'd be floored. I added a little vinegar to the milk and allowed it to sit before adding to the mix. I read somewhere that it softens the gluten/protein in the flour yielding a moister crumb (it really works); alternately you could use buttermilk. I couldn't find the tart cherry preserves, although I really wanted to, the buttercream was fluffy & delicious. I made the full recipe of frosting and it was more than I needed (but also gave me an excuse to make more when these are gone). Topped them with a maraschino cherry (allow to drain to dry before topping) for a beautiful presentation. Thanks for posting this recipe, someone is really going to be pleased with their birthday cupcakes this year!

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Larawithoutau August 11, 2015

This was a very good recipe. I added 2/3 cup of sugar per the other reviews and 2/3 cup of malted milk powder. The cupcakes had a great flavor and were just sweet enough. I also increased the recipe for the icing and found I had way too much. I guess this is all in a personal preference on how much icing you like on your cupcakes. If you are piping it on so it stacks up, you will need more. The recipe, as is, is perfect for regular icing. I did add a little more cherry preserves as I wanted more cherry flavor. Also, the icing is very sweet so a less sweet cupcake is perfect. I sprinkled the top with red crystals and topped with a malted milk ball.

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susan_ways May 09, 2013

The cupcake base needed to be sweeter, and it didn't have enough malt flavor.

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supercrafty January 20, 2010
Double Chocolate Malt Shop Cupcakes W Cherry-Vanilla Buttercream