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These are delicious!! I dipped them all in white chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate. Gave some away for valentine's day, but kept most for myself because they were so delicious.

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AmbyDawn February 20, 2004

My kids needed a project during summer vacation. This was one recipe I choose. It was fun and easy for them. The results were delicious. However, here in the west it was very warm and I used shortening with my chocolate. I wish I had had some paraffin on hand (it is packed away, from moving a couple of months ago and I have not got to those boxes yet) because I think the chocolate would have set up better. We kept them in the fridge and they were awesome. Thanks!

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Sharinskishe August 26, 2007

Loved this! I made them along with other candies to pass out to neighbors and teachers. Everyone commented on how much they loved these! I used a pp idea to make them into mice w/ the addition of slivered almond ears and Hershey kiss noses. This candy will hold a permanent place on my holiday candy tray! Thanks Karen=^..^= !

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lotsawaters January 19, 2007

Great recipe...now add one more step. As soon as you dip in the chocolate, lay it on wax paper, with the stem horizontal but curved up (tail), push a chocolate kiss on the end of the cherry opposite the stem (head/nose), and wedge two almond slivers between the cherry and chocolate kiss (ears). Add two dots of decorator frosting to the kiss for eyes and you have the cutest little mouse you have ever seen!

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Chef LJ November 20, 2006

Very easy and yummy. I used cherries that I had marinated in chocolate liqueur; they were a hit. Thank you!

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Brianna Storer April 25, 2006

WOW! Were these good! I made them for my husband for Valentine's Day. He loves chocolate covered cherries. I was amazed at how easy they were to put together. I even love them and I don't care for chocolate covered cherries. But I guess I don't like the store bought ones because these were wonderful! I did half in white choclate and the other half in semi-sweet as suggested. I don't know which I like better! Super yummy! And they turned out so pretty! But I didn't need as much chocolate to dip the cherries in - I actually needed 6 ounces instead of 12. I had 6 ounces exactly, left over. So I just poured it into candy molds (can't waste choclate)! Thank you for posting an easy, beautiful, and yummy recipe! These are worth giving as gifts!

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Angie in St. Charles February 16, 2005

Yes, these are a 5-star candy. Very easy to do and they look so professional. My 1st attempt was to coat the cherries in white chocolate, as described but my white chocolate siezed on me as I was melting it and it was then unusable. White chocolate is very delicate and I must have heated it for too long. I then melted 12 oz. of semisweet chocolate with 2 tablespoons of shortening and dipped the cherries in that. That worked really well. I got about 26 candies from this recipe.

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Marie Nixon December 23, 2004

Excellent! I debated on making these because I thought they would be hard to make, boy was I wrong! These candies were super simple and taste better than any store-bought chocolate covered cherry! I think the next time I make them I will use a little less fondant on each cherry, as they ended up being pretty huge. I'd like it if they were more bite-size-ish. Thanks for submitting this great recipe!

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MackinacBride December 20, 2004

Oh my are these good!! I dipped half in white chocolate and half in milk chocolate. Once they dryed I then drizzled them with another color of chocolate. (white /w milk chocolate, Milk chocolate w/ white) My did they look amazing and the taste is just sinful! This recipe is a keeper I will use alot. Thankyou ;)

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RobinS Smith February 12, 2004
Double Chocolate Covered Cherries