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Great recipe but I will make some minor alterations in the cooking temperature and times next time I fix it. The ingredients don't need to be altered, in my opinion, just the cooking directions. I made two batches of biscotti, this recipe first and then a batch of lemon-ginger biscotti from the cookbook that came with my food processor. I followed the directions exactly on both batches and this batch was overcooked for the first baking which made it to dry and it was very crumbly when i was trying to cut it before the second baking. The other recipe didn't cook quite as long and at a lower temperature for the first baking and turned out beautiful--it looked like a professional had made it. The alterations I will make are as follows: For the first baking bake at 325 degrees for 22 minutes. Remove from the oven cool only for 10 minutes and then cut at 1/2" intervals (this made it easier to cut and each biscotti was perfectly shaped). Arrange slices on the baking sheet (cut sides exposed) and bake for 20 to 25 minutes until they begin to turn golden and crispy. I turned them once through that baking even though the recipe didn't require it. Enjoy!!!

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Madi January 17, 2003

This is the first and only biscotti recipe I've ever tried and they are so good, I don't want to try any others. Be sure and use butter and not margarine, tastes so much better. I also put sliced almonds in the dough before mixing, they break up in the dough and make it prettier. I've given these to friends and family and everyone loves them.

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JandBGros January 17, 2013

It's good half baked--I know that's not really biscotti, but I don't like the idea of dipping stuff into my drinks. I just wanted something that wasn't a brownie and wasn't a cookie but was nice and chocolaty. This did the trick (at 350 as some reviewers suggested). I used chocolate almond bark instead of white chocolate [which I don't like and didn't have]. Turned out nice, but I'll want more chocolate in it next time.

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Bake Em N Take Em February 24, 2012

I made these for a baby shower. They were a huge hit... Nt one was left and they tasted fabulous!

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parselysage May 21, 2010

5 stars for taste... but i'm quite disappointed. i needed to make 80... so i decided to triple the recipe. it says it makes 32, but i only got 18... which took me from 3 batches to 5. (not to mention i broke 3) i've made two batches, but i give up. i don't have enough chocolate left to make the extra 2 batches. i'll make this again for my family, it really is very yummy... but i definitely wouldn't make it for a big crowd.

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ahungrywolfe March 05, 2010

While these came out tasting very good, even following Madi's alternative baking instructions they crumbled quite badly when cutting them and I ended up with a lot of small pieces.

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zoo66 December 16, 2009

Yum!! These were my first attempt ever at making biscotti. I followed your directions exactly and the resulting cookies were wonderful. I left mine out after cooling for an addtional 2 hours (covered by some parchment paper) before storing and this resulted in the perfect crispness for dunking in coffee. I shared some with friends but will be making another batch to stash in the freezer for future indulgences. Thanks Nancy Van Ess. **Edit - I made the second batch and used Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa (a blend of natural and dutched cocoa) and was amazed that this recipe could have even more flavor - and the color was intense too.

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Acerast February 15, 2009

Thanks to the other reviewers for their suggestions. I upped the cocoa and lessened the flour, lowered the initial baking temp. Turned out great, albeit a bit crumbly when slicing. I need a better serrated knife, I think. Good recipe! Next time thinking of hazel nuts or almonds or maybe mint extract.

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KWB January 14, 2009

These were wonderfu!!! I did take some of the advice from others and lower the oven temp for the first baking. Also I was having problems with the dough sticking to my hands while forming the logs so for the second batch I sprayed a little cooking spray on my hands and it did the trick. I will definitely make these again! They may even be my holiday treat to give out to friends and family next year!

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barrhan82 December 08, 2008

I've used this recipe several times, making some changes for my own tastes. SInce I don't like white chocolate, I like to add craisins and/or walnuts instead. I've also added slightly more cocoa in place of some of the flour to give it even more chocolate taste. They always turn out great!

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Swiss Chocolate July 26, 2008
Double Chocolate Chunk Biscotti