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This was good and pretty. I made it in a 13x9 glass pan. I baked the cake for 25 minutes but it was a little dry and didn't have much flavor. I drained and chopped the sweet dark cherry pie filling but wish I didn't...I think it would have been good to poke holes in the cake and then pour the complete filling over it with the glaze. I topped it with the whipped cream frosting. I omitted the white chocolate chips. Made for 1-2-3 hit wonders.

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Engrossed July 04, 2007

This served double duty today. It was dessert for Easter dinner and also DH's birthday cake. I made it as a sheet cake using vanilla buttercream icing in place of the whipped cream and placed the cherry filling on top of that. Kato, it ask for "cherry pie filling" but drained and chopped? After reading that and the directions I wasn't sure if you wanted the pie filling or a can of cherries. I had the pie filling and used it all right from the can. It met with great guy approval. As no body else has mentioned this I guess it's just me but it didn't rise as high as I had hoped and I wondered if possibly the amounts of soda and baking powder should be reversed? DH says Thank You for a great birthday cake.

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Annacia April 08, 2007

This is a great cake recipe, perfect to serve at holiday season to guests, I had to increase the icing sugar slightly in the whipping cream frosting (just personal preference) I also think I will increase the sugar in the cake batter next time I make it, great recipe BK!...Kitten :)

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Kittencal@recipezazz November 29, 2006

I just made this for a church Bake Off and won "Best Taste" for it! Did a couple variations... Used the Cake Mix Frosting (#104747... YUM!!) instead, and in the middle I put the cherries BETWEEN the frosting and chips. Better visual effect to have two layers of white. The chocolate curls and cherries on top made it look beautiful!

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Ruby Toozday February 28, 2005
Double Chocolate Cherry Cake