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This mac and cheese was creamy and cheesy but it still lacked the comfort and "it" factor that any good comfort food captures. I made changes as follows: I used whole wheat spirals and doubled the recipe. While melting the butter, I added some minced garlic. I ended up adding 6 more tablespoons of flour- my rue just wouldn't thicken up. I only did six cups of milk (remember, I doubled my recipe) and I think that was too much liquid to pasta ratio. I added 4 tablespoons of mustard and a dash of cayenne at the end for a little kick- this really helped add depth to the dish. I did not broil because like the previous reviewer, I don't like crunchy pasta. Not a bad recipe but not the mac and cheese of my childhood memories (and I'm not referring to the blue box!).

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nyc4me03 October 23, 2007

I made this for dinner on Tuesday night after a whole weekend of mac and cheese cravings but no cheese...*sigh* I used kitty cat shaped pasta I got for X-Mas instead of macaroni noodles. My mother declared it "Far superior to that icky Kraft stuff," and though she is not a mac and cheese fan, it tempted her to have a few bites. I did not broil it, because I was afraid it would make it crunchy on top, and I hate crunchy noodles. The cheese flavour was not strong enough for me, though, so next time I make it I will attempt to find and use stronger cheeses. BUT, it was a very easy recipe, and my first venture out of the infamous blue and orange box of Kraft - thank you for making my first experience with "real" mac and cheese a good one :)

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briosgaid April 24, 2004
Double Cheese and Macaroni