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I LOVED this dish. It was fragrant and flavorful and healthy and FILLING! I made the recipe as written, using whole wheat rotini, except I omitted the crushed red pepper flakes (small children). I actually wasn't expecting to like this as well as I did... and my 15-month-old twins gobbled up their pasta and loved the green beans.

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NELady November 14, 2013

We really enjoyed this but I want to comment without stars. We're serious "spicers", but the crushed red pepper flakes overpower any of the delicate flavors in this. Fresh basil is lost in the wake of all that fire. I WILL make this again because it's tasty and low-fat, but next time I'll just put a pinch of crpf or cayenne. Thanks for creating such a healthy dish.

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Elisabetta47 May 22, 2010

Changes: We skipped the shallots since we didn't have any, and used extra green beans. I forgot to double the canned items when I doubled the recipe, but I think the chickpeas were better this way, while the tomatoes would've been better at full proportion. I missed the sea salt and pepper since the instructions printed onto a second page and I was following that instead of looking at the ingredients list. Where *do* you add those in, anyway? Results: We both thought it was very good. Scanting the pepper flakes so they didn't overwhelm was a prudent move. I used the minimum on the vinegar, and that was about right for me after giving it time to "off-gas" since I am pretty sensitive to the smell of vinegar. I have never used nutritional yeast on anything but popcorn before, but it worked beautifully to make just a light tangy coating. Quantity: I would guess that doubling the recipe gave the two of us enough for maybe four meals as we don't tend to eat additional sides with pasta dishes.

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Michelle from Central Time April 22, 2009

I loved this dish, and it was easy to make. I was out of red pepper so I added frozen green peas and used a can of stewed tomatoes. I adjusted the seasonings for our tastes(less basil and red pepper flakes). I served it with pasta and later had it without the pasta as a snack. Both ways it tasted wonderful. Great meatless dinner. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada March 17, 2007
Double-Bean Pasta With Tomatoes