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I just finished making these delish puffs. After reading the reviews of flattening, I decidedd to experiment and I think I have got it. I added 3 tablespoons additional flour which help it to stay together, ( the look like bon bons). I used a small ice cream scoop and used a silpad. After taking them out of the oven, I immediately had one and found that it was bland and was missing something.I had some leftover bacon grease from breakfast and decided to brush the tops with bacon grease and sprinkled with coarse sea salt and coarse pepper. It made them perfect. Next time I make them I will add the salt and pepper in the batter, plus more cheese and maybe a dash of hot sauce. Yummo I hope this helps.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I halved the recipe on everything except the egg.

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The Boopster September 02, 2010

Hey MissMaggie, how come you got this recipe and not the rest of us? Sounds great and I will try it to take on the boat this weekend. . What others do you have up your sleeve? Dotsdaughter

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dotsdaughter July 20, 2010

This was a wonderful after school snack that could be whipped up in just a few mins. I did as other reviewers suggested and added extra flour(3 Tbsp) as well a using an ice cream scoop . They puffed up beautifully. They were gone in half an hour . I used regular cheddar cheese and thought they needed a bit of salt but that's subjective. Next time I'm going to add chopped chives . Thanks for sharing.

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milyra May 08, 2011

I made these for new years, doubling the recipe.They were a hit! I'm planning on making them a bit smaller next time, and adding both salt and pepper. They did flattened out, so I'll use more flour next time. Otherwise, they were perfect!

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Fweetieb January 04, 2014

What can I say that has'nt been said,,,DELICIOUS!!!,,sorry that's already been said,,I know, but they are!
I used gluten free flour mix and a teaspoon of baking powder instead of self raising (for obvious reasons) and they were perfect. Great for an on the go snack. Thank you MissMaggie, and thank you Dot.

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WicklewoodWench May 20, 2011

These are very good and easy to make. Mine also flattned out, but went great with the soup we had for dinner tonight. Thank You. Made for ZWT6 Zingo. No-Nonsense Nibblers.

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MomLuvs6 July 02, 2010

Wow, these are so good! Mine also spread out, they were more like little mini-biscuits. I think these would be great with soup or a salad. A new family favorite! Made for ZWT6 Zingo.

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Michelle Berteig June 28, 2010

These are a mouthful of cheesy, smokey goodness and everyone loved them. As you can see by the picture for some reason, mine did not stay in nice little balls like everyone elses photo so don't know what I did wrong there. Next time I think I'll use my mini cupcake pan so that the shape is retained. That little problem (and it's mine I know) didn't take away one iota from the great taste. Made for ZWT6 ZINGO

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Bonnie G #2 June 27, 2010

I wish I would of known Dot! Adored these and I agree with the other reviewers, the aroma from the oven despite being almost 100 degrees here on the farm, still brought everyone coming home and banging the front door. I followed this exactly and even used wonderful grainy mustard that I saved for a special occasion. Made for ZWT 6 2010

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm June 27, 2010

Yummy and so easy! I just ate the first one right out of the oven because they smelled so good I couldn't wait! I used Homemade Self-Rising Flour - Substitute as I didn't have any at home. Oh and I made a little boo boo - I used grainy honey dijon mustard by mistake, but they're still fantastic! Now where to hide them so my BF doesn't eat them all himself... Made for ZWT #6!

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Cadillacgirl June 26, 2010
Dot's Cheese Bacon Puffs