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This is actually a review for a slightly different recipe... I haven't tried this one... but it's close to our family favorite roll recipe. Most of the quantities are right on. It's a great recipe. I actually scald the milk and add the butter then let it cool enough to add the other ingredients. When I roll it out, I brush some melted butter on the triangle shapes before rolling them! It's important not to overcook them. Also, because I think healthy eating is important, I usually substitute whole wheat flour for 1/3-1/2 the amount of flour (milled at home which is soooo much better than purchased whole wheat flour which tends to be terribly dense and not make a good product at all).

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Chef TanyaW May 07, 2011

This is really delicious and not that difficult at all. Plus the cutting method makes the buns look really unique. For a good sandwich size bun, i will probably cut them a bit bigger next time (maybe quarters instead of 8th's). Thank you for this recipe, I will definitely make it again!

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19reka June 22, 2008
Doreen's Dinner Rolls