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I've only made the pancakes from this recipe (I found it originally on moscowfoodcoop.com)- I've made adzuki bean paste from a different recipe and also bought it canned. The pancakes are very tasty and have a flavor much like those from a bakery. This time they were a bit too puffy - I don't know why - but the same recipe has turned out perfectly for me before. These are really designed to be drunk with hot green tea - their soft sweetness and its hot bitterness complement each other. I like them as a portable snack (carry a green tea bag, too), because they satisfy a sweet craving, but have enough protein from the bean paste that you don't immediately crash again.

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Nose June 14, 2005

I just made this today. It was pretty close to what i had bought from the stores in Chinatown, although the "pancake" part was a bit dry. Instead of smashing the beans in the pot while cooking it over medium fire, i mashed the beans in a bowl with a drinking glass (the other way was a bit time and energy consuming). If i am going to make it next time, i'll make a few changes. The filling or adzuki bean paste was kind of too sweet for my taste, so i'll cut cut back the sugar to about 1/2 cup. Also leave some liquid in the pot so that the filling is moist (i am thinking about putting it in a blender).

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Minyatur December 24, 2006

so good!! I'll be making these a lot. Thank you for the recipe. Near the end, when all the water had evaporated (while mashing), I decided to put the mixture in a food processor to further blend things together.

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plum pie September 09, 2006

I loved this. the whole bunch got chomped although some of the chompers went off them when they found out they were full of beans (no pun intended) more for me haha! I used ready made Anko but next time will make my own as the ready made stuff is flippin expensive!

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PinkCherryBlossom August 08, 2006
Dorayaki (Sweet Filled Pancakes)