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Hi Saralaya, a wonderful recipe, this was my first attempt at a marbled two flavoured cheesecake. I took this to my neighbours as a gift for the Holiday's everyone raved about the cheesecake. The texture was so creamy and the chocolate tasted wonderful. I was so delighted it filled my 9" spring form pan to the brim, next time though I will use a water bath I had a couple of cracks but they settled in nicely after it cooled. Another one of Dora's Prize Winning Cheesecake's went to a function yesterday. All I remember is that there were 16 slices at one point and then there were none! The cheesecake had a much better consistency this time as I used a water bath very smooth and creamy and the slicing was very easy to get 16 pieces. The crust was excellent and worked very well lifting off the spring form disk. The marbling was "beautiful", served with whipping cream and strawberry preserves what a gorgeous presentation! Thanks, for posting your Grandmother's Dora's Prize Winning Cheese Cake, I will make this cake again and again it truly is a winner with me, again thanks Saralaya!

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oilpatchjo March 08, 2010

Oh Saralaya does this bring back memories! When I lived in the States I came upon this recipe,many moons ago I am afraid,anyhow I made this royal marble cheesecake at least a thousand times and ALWAYS got compliments.The only problem I sometimes had was that I got a "crack"in the middle of the cake but it did not afect the flavor at all. Have not made this cheescake since I moved to Holland 16 years ago but now I am going to give it a try again and cheerish the many memories I have aroungd it! Thank you for putting this on Zaar so perhaps lots of other people will be able to enjoy this wonderfull cheesecake!

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Chef Els January 14, 2010
Dora's Prize Winning Cheesecake