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Wow! Easy and yummy! I made two for DH's birthday; one for us(a small one) and one huge for work. I used whipped cream for ours and "non-dairy whipped topping" for work since it would sit out for hours and that's more stable. It was a BIG hit! First of the season berries and colored sprinkles dusted on top. I cut the donuts for work in half crosswise for convenience for fingers and people snacked all day. I'm not sure how many it served. Staff, customers, vendors...

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Countrywife February 12, 2007

Thank you Ninna! My son wanted a donut cake for his birthday and it was a big hit. I wasn't sure how to "glue" it together so I read the reviews and saw non dairy topping but thought hey it needs to hang out a long while so I used frosting to pipe in the holes and "glue" the layers. I used cake donuts with sprinkles and it came together so well! ChefDLH

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ChefDLH October 21, 2008

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This idea is fantastic. I had it for my 16th birthday as my theme was american. We used glazed doughnuts and sprinkled some sprinkles over the cream. Thanks for posting. Happy cooking. Miss Pixie x x x :D

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Perfect Pixie September 22, 2007

I made this for my DH2B's b-day and he and my DS ate 12 out of 18 of the donuts! They are quite the pigs. They said that it was very good and I think that it turned out very pretty.(It looked like your picture.) Also,very easy which I REALLY like! Thanks!!

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mydesigirl January 30, 2007

This was the best birthday cake I have ever made. OK it gets great stars just for being so easy. We took my my son and all his friends to play paintball in the mountains for his birthday so time was limited when we returned home. As the day worn on, the party at our house just kept getting bigger and bigger as more neighbours and friends kept getting invited for the BBQ dinner. This saved the day. I stopped at the store and bought a variety of donuts, berries and coolwhip. The kids helped to assemble and this cake was a hit with everyone young and old.

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Fairy Godmother October 03, 2006

When my oldest son told me that he wanted a donut birthday cake for his birthday, I thought he had flipped his lid and gone nuts! I was even more surprised to find a recipe for it!!! It was surprisingly good and we both had fun putting it together. I hope to post a picture of it soon (if my pictures turned out). Thanks Ninna!

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Strawberries and Roses August 23, 2006

OmGosh! Forget the kids Ninna, I am making this for MY BIRTHDAY!!! Look for a review in August! — Jul 5, 2006 I had my fantasy birthday cake! It all happened so terrific! Before I could make it for me, a girlfriend of mine at work knew I wanted this cake. She called me at lunch time and invited me to the break-room. I arrived to find 24 donuts (mixed), 3 cans of whipped cream, a large red plate and a quart of strawberries. I died. I laughed so hard. We stood in the hot breakroom and put this cake together. It was fun and it was beautiful. Then, it began to melt. I started eating cream with a spoon, laughing the whole time. After I had four of the donuts, I decided to take it out to my co-workers. I work with all men and they found it as fantastic as I did. Everyone now knows my desire for donuts. that could be a bad thing. lol. Thank you so much for making my birthday mucho fun!!!

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Chef Mommie August 01, 2006
Donut Birthday Cake