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This saved me the other day. It was a very hot sunny afternoon and while cleaning my terrace, I felt dizzy and my head was spinning like a top, before I knew it, I had fallen. Luckily, I was near my bedroom and fell on my bed. Half an hour later, I woke up, feeling terrible. I felt like I could drink an ocean, I was terribly thirsty. I dont know from where what came into my mind, I just took a lemon and chilled water from my fridge, and sugar from the sugar jar, put them into a glass, stirred it well and drank it. I felt recharged and great! I almost felt like I got a new life. Then, this afternoon, a couple of minutes back, my brother asked me to get him Mountain Dew. I had made a glass of this drink for myself(since I was feeling weak and dizzy again, thanks to the summer sun and stress), but thought I'll give it to my bro. to try. He LOVED it! Right now, he's enjoying a glass of this(that was supposed to be mine!) with his lunch;) This is I think the simplest thing I've ever made, but this is a "life saver" to me. You will love this, I promise!

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  1. Mix all in a glass and drink rightaway!
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My Mom used to prepare this drink in the past when we were ill. The only difference is, that she served it hot, as so the vitamine c can better help to reduce the symptoms of the flu. We called it "Hot Lemon". Great idea to drink it cold - thank you and take care. :-)