Don's Flavor Enhancer With Very Low Sodium

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Entered for safe-keeping. This combination is used in many of Donald Gazzaniga's recipes in "The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium" books (both the original book and the "Light Meals" book). There are 3 other similar recipes posted on Zaar at this time, but the proportions of spices are different. This cannot substitute for salt when it is needed as a leavening agent or preservative, but it can add a "kicker" of taste. Store in a tight container and in a dark, cool place. Normal salt has 2350 mg of sodium per teaspoon while this has only 2.76 mg of sodium per teaspoon.

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  1. Mix all the ingredients together, shake well, store what you aren't going to use soon in a tight container in a cool, dark place. Taste before storing.
  2. If you want one of the flavors above to be increased then add 1/4 teaspoon at a time and shake well before testing again.
  3. To kick this up even more, add some lemon zest, pureed to a powder in a food processor. Also, powder some dill weed and add if your'e using this on vegetables.
Most Helpful

I used this in some eggs for lunch and it was great. I am looking forward to using it more often! I cook low sodium whenever possible so this will be a great addition to my spice rack! Made for VEG*N swap. NOTE: Making a second batch of this stuff. . .love it. I cut the recipe in half and it fits comfortably (with some room to spare) in a 3 oz spice jar.

JanuaryBride August 04, 2009

I admit I haven't tried this on a wide variety of foods, but I have tried it on eggs and turkey burgers and it certainly tastes okay but it doesn't have any kind of pizzazz that would make me say "Wow," and that's what I really need to satisfy my now salt-free tastebuds. On the other hand, Don's low-sodium soy sauce substitute, also posted on this site, is pretty darn good. This is pretty good but I won't make it again when this batch runs out.

Goody2shz July 30, 2009

This works very well. I did not use the cloves, but added the dill weed. I also put in a little extra paprika because I like the coloring. So far, I have used this while making fried potatoes, eggs, chicken, even sprinkled over popcorn! It makes a great table spice in place of the salt. I just used the empty onion powder container to store it on the shelf with my other spices. Made and Reviewed for Zaar Tag - Thanks! :)

LilPinkieJ December 09, 2008