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THANKS FOR THE RECIPE!!!! My husband is from Germany and we would order the dominosteine from Shmidtts. The shipping became too expensive so I decided to search out a recipe. THESE ARE DELICIOUS!!! I tweaked the recipe just a bit Instead of cardommon I used ground ginger, 1 large egg instead of 2 small, 2 tsps. of rum instead of 1, hersheys baking cocoa not dutch processed and black rasberry jam instead of currant. I also used parchment paper instead of a greased baking sheet. I was able to lift the gingerbread out and work with it directly on the paper. The last thing different I did was grate the almond paste. Instead of rolling it out. These do take a long time to make (about 2 - 3 hours). The dough is incredibly sticky so keep moistening your fingers to spread it in the pan . After the gingerbread comes out of the oven trim off the four sides (they are harder than the rest of the gingerbread. Spread gigerbread with jam and then sprinkle the grated almond paste on top. Press almond paste into jam (I used a rolling pin) cut into 1 inch squares I LEAVE THEM SINGLE-LAYERED., and coat completely with glaze. Let drip on a cooling rack then move to dry on waxed paper. These taste best after a day or two of drying. I also found twenty min. is a bit too long for cooking time. I suggest 15 min.

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ittsmmeeee December 21, 2009

Thank you, Inge 1505, for posting this recipe. I, too, used to love the Dominosteine from E. Otto Schmidt in Germany, but the postage costs became so exorbitant that I could no longer afford to order them. <br/><br/>I have made this recipe twice now, but I have made some changes some may be interested in. The Lebkuchen part of the recipe is excellent, and yes, 15 minutes is the perfect baking time. <br/><br/>You will find it easier to dip the squares if you cut and fill them with jam and leave them to sit overnight, covered with foil. Also, a metal skewer will be a big help during the dipping. Simply skewer each square and then immerse in the glaze. A problem I ran into as my glaze got lower in the pot was that it became too hot, even when set on the lowest stovetop setting. This caused the jam to run, and those squares never did set up right--they were impossibly sticky. <br/><br/>I ran out of glaze very early on, and I found the glaze recipe here to be too sweet and not chocolatey enough. For the next batch, I melted a cup of semisweet chocolate chips with 2 T. of Crisco to get a more chocolatey coating. It really goes fast, though, so I began to dunk the four sides in the chocolate and then used a spoon to bathe the chocolate onto the top of each square. This method worked well. <br/><br/>All in all, it was a two day project, so these are definitely a treat for special occasions! :)<br/><br/>Debbie is so right that the flavor improves after a few days. Do not refrigerate after they set up, as the cold will mask all of the flavors. Keep in an airtight container between layers of wax paper or parchment.

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Indigo Sky December 28, 2013

These are absolutely incredible when they've aged by 1 to 3 days. They're much too sweet on Day 1; don't even waste one by trying it. The recipe needs to be changed to 15 minutes baking time. I didn't see the other reviews, and my gingerbread came out dry. This did not puff up enough to cut into two layers, so I left it whole. However, I think it could be carefully split if you cut it into the one-inch squares first. I kneaded the almond paste with a little corn syrup to make it malleable enough to roll; wish I'd seen the idea about grating it. I wish the glaze were a darker chocolate.....more like bittersweet. However, thank you so much for posting! These are very good, and it's not easy to find a recipe for them. PS: I too used parchment paper.

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Debbie R. December 20, 2013

I just finished making these cookies and they are wonderful! Just delicious and unlike anything I've had before. I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out perfectly! I did bake them 15 minutes instead of 20 because they were done. I also used parchment paper underneath them to make working with them easier. These are labor intensive...but worth it!!!

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sshields38_8274611 December 20, 2010

A special recipe which really needs editing for baking times which after looking at more carefully probably will not happen. For me, 15 minutes was too long, think 13 minutes might have been right- do a toothpick check. I used two large eggs because one large egg was obviously too dry. Used 2 teaspoons of Meyers rum and taste of rum was undetectable so maybe next person might try one tablespoon, and did use cardamom as we enjoy it. Used parchment paper and do not own pan that is size stated here so just spread it out approximately to size suggested. Did cut off edges. I did not use almond paste which was a mistake- last time I used had lots of trouble with. Cut them horizontally because I knew they were over baked. For chocolate glaze, I skipped the powdered sugar and cocoa, instead melted 10 ounces of 60% bittersweet, 2 tablespoons shortening, and then added 6 tablespoons of hot milk. There was plenty of glaze although a tad thick. I should have glazed the entire bar which was another mistake on my part. I used a turkey lacer for my dunking and that is why one of my pics shows it. Worked good with shorter length. Yields about 32. Thank you for posting a wonderful recipe!

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WiGal February 15, 2014
Dominosteine (Layered Gingerbreads)