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Great detailed instructions, but the cinnamon sugar candied to the bottom of the pan creating bottoms of the dots that were as hard as rocks. Too much work for poor results, i wouldnt make this one again.

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DJAtHome August 15, 2003

While I haven't made this recipe, I did work at Domino's for many years. The prep on this is much harder than it needs to be - remember Domino's is a FAST food chain! Definitely do not put the sugar/cinnamon on before baking. We just rolled dough into a long skinny log shape, using a pizza wheel - lop of about equal chunks. Dump into a parchment lined pan, squirt haphazardly with Whirl (butter-flavored oil) - you can get something very similar at Smart N Final. When it comes out of the oven, dump out of pan and sprinkle immediately.

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MEPeralto August 29, 2008

This was very easy to make.The first time I halved the recipe, the second time I made the full recipe.Both were successful. I used vegetable oil instead of olive oil. After reading the comments about the hardened sugar and cinnamon at the bottom of the pan, I arranged the dough balls as I would cinnamon rolls (touching- not too smushed up against eachother) and then brushed with the margarine and sprinkled with the cinnamon and sugar. I was still careful though not to let too much sugar end up on the bottom of the pan. The half recipe fit into two 8 inch pans nicely. I dont remember for how long I baked them or at what temp because I am in Yemen now and the ovens have one setting -high! Peace

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Yemenia December 31, 2006

This is good when it's corrected a bit: First off, do not put the cinnamon sugar on before cooking! This will lead to the candied bottoms that the previous reviewer mentioned, I would think. Secondly, I had to alter the oven temp to 375, and cooked them for 25 minutes. I also brushed them with butter before cooking, then afterwards I dunked them in a bowl of melted butter, then dumped them into a bowl of the cinnamon sugar and shook them around until coated. Whatever cinnamon and sugar was left, I dumped over them. With these modifications, I'll repeat the recipe.

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BizIntelligenceMonkey August 21, 2004
Domino's Dipping Dots