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This is the pizza dough recipe that I have been searching for, for eons!!! The thing I hate about most home or store bought pizza doughs ( or even most delivered, for that matter) is that they are either crispy like a cracker, ugh, or taste more like bread dough, ugh again. This is perfect!!!! Chewy! Yummy! The only problem now is I need a professional brick 1000 degree temp pizza oven!!!!!

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mimiten_11794950 February 06, 2014

This was excellent. I increased the amounts by 50% to get 2 medium-size pizzas for my family. After topping, I baked each pizza at 450 on a pizza stone for 10 minutes. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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appleydapply January 22, 2009

This dough is fabulous! I used Pillsbury High Gluten Flour that I got from my local pizza parlor. I doubled the recipe and made one basic pizza (with Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce) and also Bacon Cheese Stromboli. One thing to be VERY careful about is your oven temp, type of pan and level of your racks. I stupidly put my oven on 525*, a temp I've never even gotten near before and then put the pizza on the next to the lowest oven rack. It *almost* burnt after about 4 minutes! (I was also using a dark pan, which will cause quicker browning.) I grabbed it out and moved it to the top rack until the cheese was bubbly. With the stromboli, I went with a safe 425*. ;) I will definitely make this again, but have to mess around with different pans, temps and racks until I can get it perfect. Thanks!

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Karen=^..^= November 15, 2007
Dominick's Basic Pizza Dough