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Great stew! And also a great way to clean out the veggie drawer -- made as directed except used less tomatoes and added a lot of water to the stew. I also used Italian seasoning and a lot of pepper. It is even better heated up the second day! Thanks for sharing this great stew recipe which we will be having again soon!

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ellie_ February 26, 2010

Wonderful! I've made this twice now. I made some small changes: I saute lots of vegetables in olive oil: onions, carrots, potatoes, red pepper, celery, etc., all cut in large pieces. After those are all sauteed, I add a 15-ounce can of tomatoes and two or three cups of beef broth and a can of beef in gravy, also garlic and Italian seasoning. Mushrooms go in after a while, and peas a little while before serving. Very delicious. Very high class stew, even with the canned beef.

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Donut Chef March 01, 2012

What a wonderful winter stew! I made it a meal by adding one pound of lean ground beef (added after sauteeing the onions) and left out the mushrooms. Also, instead of the oregano and basil, I used 2 tsp of Italian seasoning. It made plenty for leftovers and freezing some, too. I'll definitely make this again.

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PanNan January 11, 2010

I used about 1 c. split peas because I didn't have any peas and that made it a good thick stew, but I had to cook it longer (probably about 2 hrs) to get the peas soft. I used 1 quart jar of my mom's canned tomatoes which seemed a little light. I did add a little water because the split peas were soaking up all the liquid. I think it would be good with some hot green chiles added. It made for a very comforting and filling winter dinner, served with some parmesan cornmeal biscuits and a dark beer. Thank you for posting!

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Annz Recipez January 10, 2010

This is awesome and I have everything in the menu except for basil leaves and 2 cans tomatoes. I substituted the crushed and stewed tomatoes with 2 cans diced tomatoes as that's what I had and it was excellent. The kind of tomatoes I had made it more soup like then stew but that's ok too. Oh I just found crushed Basil leaves in the cabinet I will add some of those along with a little Tabasco sauce and Italian seasoning.

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rysharen January 09, 2010

This can't be any easier or any more delish! It's made with veggies that you normally have on had -- or if you don't have what's listed, just make up some variations! The only change I made was to add 3 cups of veggie broth to thin it a bit. With the two big cans of tomatoes, it has a distinct tomato soup flavor that I enjoyed very much. It will make much more than 6 big bowls, so for those of you looking at the nutritional information, it's even lower calorie/fat than listed. (And I didn't even come close to using the 4T oil for browning the onions.) This healthy, filling stew will be made frequently!

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Wish I Could Cook December 01, 2009

A nice, warming stew with good flavors. Thanks for sharing!

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Starrynews October 13, 2009
Dom Deluise's Vegetable Stew