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What an interesting recipe. It's like a soft bread with a spoonbread topping--nice and puffy. I made in the food processor, and didn't have to adjust the proportions at all. I did not add salt--Dom knew what he was doing. I do recommend two things--greasing the pan, and using a good, sharp cheddar. Nice addition to our meal; thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl December 28, 2010

This was really good and different. It needs to be eaten warm. The flavor was not as good when it was served at room temperature. As another chef suggested, I added about 1 t. of salt to the flour and baking soda mixture and about an additional teaspoon of milk to get the dough the correct consistency to pat in the pan. I made it to accompany chili but I think that for chili, cornbread is a better match. I would still consider making this bread again but I would not serve it with chili.

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Marie Nixon September 28, 2009

Like the last review I though that it would turn out like a cheese scone, but it was just like cheese bread with a twist very nice too. I did like the fact that you smother the dough with the mixture and it went all cheesy on top yum! my kind of food when this was baking the smell in my kitchen was amazing. I did add some salt to the dough and my mix needed more milk than 2/3 but it was very good . We had leftovers toasted under the grill and more cheese and tomato we like cheese not that you would have guess. Made for fall PAC 09

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Tea Jenny September 12, 2009

I almost expected it to have the texture of a biscuit, but it cooked up like a soft roll. I did add 1/2 teaspoon salt as I thought it was strange not to have salt, and maybe a little more salt would have been better. I also ended up adding a full cup of milk. Two-thirds of a cup wasn't enough to get all of the flour mixture moist. The recipe also calls for a "9-inch" pan--I assumed was round, but later saw instructions to "cut into squares". I guess it doesn't matter if it is a wedge or a square, we enjoyed it with our chili tonight--great for a quick bread!

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Sharlene~W February 26, 2007

I can't believe I forgot to review this. We've made it several times since I originally tagged the recipe. The flavors are great and I loved the texture.

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Mysterygirl February 09, 2007
Dom Deluise's Cheese and Onion Bread