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JB, this is an OUTSTANDING beer bread recipe! Its moist and very crunchy on top and the flavour is slightly sweet and oaty. I am in LOVE! :) The bran flakes melt into the rest of the bread and add a very nice touch texture- and tastewise. I made the recipe into muffins, cause I wanted to have it as breakfast on the go and it was handier that way. This reduced the baking time to 20 minutes. I will definitely make this again! It has so much potential for variations as well: Id luv to try it with added raisins or cheese or herbs or cinnamon or vanilla. I could go on and on...;) THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this fantastic recipe with us! Made and reviewed during Veg'n'Swap #13 August 09.

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Lalaloula August 15, 2009

I'm so sorry, but I did not like this. I usually love beer bread, but the bran flakes had a weird texture. I would try it again, but I would really buzz the cereal very well in the food processor first. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong with it. I will update my review after I try it again. Made and Reviewed for ANZ Make My Recipe Tag - Thanks! :)

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LilPinkieJ December 21, 2008
Dom Deluise's Beer Bread