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I made the recipe as written and had no problems, but thought the flavor was lacking. Maybe more lemon juice, some garlic or salt. I really washed the grape leaves overnight so there was no trace of brine left. The sweet taste of the currants over powered the other favors. Tip: For getting the Grape leaves out of the jar. Drain the liquid and then use chopsticks, compressing the most centered roll as near as you can get to the bottom and pull gently.

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ditsyquoin May 10, 2010

These were wonderful!! I added extra pine nuts but didn't change anything else...EXCEPT that I didn't see the part where Evelyn says to wrap them LOOSELY. I forgot to do that, so some of mine broke open. Oh well. They were still wonderful and my SO loved them as well. Thanks for recommending these! Oh, and I served them with artichoke hearts stuffed with spinach and goat cheese and fresh mozzarella, as well as homemade tzatziki by Sue L. Also some kalamatas and feta. YUM!

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spatchcock January 19, 2004

These were soooo good. I also followed the recipe exactly as written but left out the pine nuts (due to personal preference). It was time consuming but well worth the effort! They make great leftovers too. I ate them the next day cold right out of the fridge.

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JSkizzle October 12, 2003

This was great fun making and worth it! It was the first time I made them myself so I followed the recipe exactly as written. I served it with other Greek dishes, pita bread, and we enjoyed every bite!!

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Pets'R'us July 06, 2003

We had fun making these last night. Like other reviewers, we used more than 1 tsp of filling per grape leaf; more like a tablespoon. Didn't change any of the ingredients or proportions. We thought maybe the grape leaves could use a little seasoning, but overall they were good. We served with Recipe #5836096 for February 2013 Sun and Spice event.

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Dr. Jenny February 03, 2013

Made again for New Years eve 2011. Made with brown rice and used frozen herbs from my summer crop. Raisins in place of the currants. Love this.
My first review.
YUM! My 1 pound jar had 45 grape leaves and I found myself unrolling leaves to add more then a teaspoon of filling more like 2. Loved the fresh dill and mint. I toasted the pine nuts before adding to the rice mixture. I used raisins in place of the currants. Time consuming but well worth it. Served with feta and fresh lemon. Thanks.

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Rita~ January 01, 2012

I'm giving this a 5 only because of the taste, which is outstanding. This is the 2nd of evelyn/athens' recipes I've made, and once again I found measurements to be very off. I doubled the recipe since I had two 1-lb jars of grape leaves. When I was finished I had enough filling left over to do another jar or two. It took the larger part of 2 hours to stuff all the leaves, definitely get some help if you can! I needed an extra 3.5 cups of liquid to cover (4 layers at an average of 40 leaves per layer). The liquid wasn't anywhere near absorbed (same problem I had with prasorizo) but this time I wasn't as concerned- usually tins of grape leaves have a lot of excess liquid- I just drained it off since I was pressed for time. I made this for a Balkan buffet. I likely will not be making this again soon though because of the time involved. Also- it took me 10+ minutes to get the grape leaves out of their jars. Is there a quicker method for this? I eventually tried drain, shake hard until leaves start to come out, compress that part with fingers to drain, pull, repeat last two steps.

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D Rusak December 31, 2009

Okay, I could not keep my hands off of these, and neither could my husband. They were absolutely fantastic. I used brown rice and rasins instead of currants. I also omitted the green onions completely. Oh, yes. And I didn't toast the pine nuts. Now, my cooking and preperation were a bit different. First of all, I covered the rice for the 10 min of cooking. I found that even then rice was starting to stick to the bottom of my pan. So I would say that you really need to watch it during that cook time. Now, because I didn't have a proper pan to "simmer" it in, I used a glass cassarole dish. Rolled loosly and packed them in tight and then COVERED the two tiers of dolmas with the left over grape leaves. This kep the top ones from buring in the oven! Either because I "cooked" them in the oven or because i used brown rice, or both, I needed a longer "simmer time" than 45 min. Basically, I needed about twice that. I weighed them down with another cassarole dish on top filled with water. The oil/water/lemon juice mixture boiled over. So I would say that they wouldn't necessarily need to be weighted down with anything if prepared in this manner. I noticed that some if not much of the liquid was gone when they were finally finished cooking. I think they absorbed the rest of the liquid overnight in the fridge, if there was any. The rasins were plump and delicious. The filling seemed to absolutely FILL the grape leaves, even though, at the time, I was using .5 to 1 tablespoon of filling and it just didn't seem like much. They came out really perfect. DELICIOUS!!! Absolutely!!!! I shared with my neighbors who were marveling at the smell when I handed it to them. Absolutely delicious and perfect for a vegetarian family (like ourselves)!!!

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Food Snob in Israel August 08, 2009

Positively wonderful! I found that a Tablespoon of rice mixture was perfect for the large grape leaves I was using. I made a few other variations based on what I had on hand. I used mint and fresh parsley instead of the dill and spearmint and golden raisins instead of currant. Also 'Vegan Dad' has a great vegan Tzatziki Sauce recipe http://vegandad.blogspot.com/2008/02/tempo-gyro-with-vegan-tzatziki.html. This is the best vegan dolmathes recipe I've come across yet!!!

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Zaccaria June 25, 2009
Dolmathes (Stuffed Grape Leaves)