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I live in Michigan, years ago a Chaldean lady I worked with made grape leaves for a potluck and they were out of this world! Since then, I have been searching for a similar tasting recipe with no luck. Finally, 15+ yrs later I stumbled across this recipe by accident. I was so excited to try this recipe using spices I've never cooked with before, the kids had a blast rolling them. These are absolutely phenominal! I used 1 lbs beef & 1 lbs lamb mix. These were a big hit. The carrots picked up all the flavor and made a great side. I love finding authentic family recipes like this. They are always the best! Thank you so much for sharing!! Angie, I hope you are willing to post more family tradtions in the future!!!

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Firems911 October 24, 2009

I moved from Michigan about two years ago to Virginia--where the Arabic population is practically nonesistent and I was craving the dolma my Chaldean neighbors used to make and bring over to us. I've looked at different recipes and this was the only one that brought back childhood memories of eating dolma at my neighbor's house because so many of them were Lebanese style or a different variation. Thank you very much for bringing back memories!!

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vnguyen18 October 01, 2011

Very good masha Allah!! I just used tomato paste, realised at the last minute I had no lemon so I used tamarind mixed with water which worked well. I did not add nutmeg as we do not consume intoxicants. The carrots were yummy too! I will make this again for sure, next time with freshly squeezed lemon to see how that is.

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UmmBinat August 30, 2010
Dolma (Stuffed Grape Leaves), Iraqi-Style