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i don't want to cause debate but garlic is only toxic to dogs in LARGE amounts...and what dog is going to eat several heads of garlic...i do agree some dogs have problems with wheat...just like humans...brown sugar is usually ok as well...but NEVER give your dog raisins or grapes

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pigtailone August 08, 2009

ALERT! Please omit the salt and brown sugar, and most especially garlic powder from your recipe as garlic in any form is TOXIC to dogs. Sorry, grandma2969 we don't want any of our furry friends getting sick. I suggest making the ingredients safe and healthy for dogs by substituting the yellow cornmeal with oatmeal and garlic powder with cinnamon. Corn is a common filler in bad commercial brand dog food. Corn is hard to digest and causes problems long-term. I would also write the ingredients in the packaging as a lot of dogs are allergic to wheat. Guardians should know what they're feeding them.

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Nadia NYC December 31, 2008
Doggy Biscuits Mix in a Jar