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Six non-opposable "thumbs up!" from my three dogs! This recipe was easy to make, although it strained the motor of my food processor. It made more like 135 or more cookies (one cookie sheet and one 11"X17" pan filled!) After the initial 1 hour cooking time, I cooked them for another hour at 200F because I couldn't leave them in the oven overnight. They ended up nice and crispy and actually took my dogs more than one bite to eat them! I made a few substitutions: I did not use the vegetable juice and subbed more water, used chicken base instead of beef and topped them with peanut oil instead of butter. I admit that I even tried them and they weren't too bad at all!

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Boxerwing March 29, 2004

Popcorn likes these little cookies! She did the same thing as your dog and dropped the first one before cautiously eating it, lol. A dog can't be too careful. I probably added a bit more maple syrup than called for in the recipe because I didn't measure it. Made for Photo Tag.

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Dreamer in Ontario January 15, 2010

Ruff ruff woof woof!!...says Brandy (my little fussy poodle)....he just loved these treats, and believe me if Brandy says they are good well, then they ARE, cause there are not a lot of things that he will eat, but he sure went for these!...I made these for my fur baby, but I added more maple syrup (about 2 TBSP), and I used chicken base instread of beef...baked them for about 1/2 an hour....Brandy and myself say thanks Rita...4 paws (and 2 thumbs) up...5 stars all the way...Brandy and KC :-)

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Kittencal@recipezazz April 28, 2004
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