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I made a batch of this last week for my rescued dog, Rocky. He has been a fussy eater ever since we got him, sometimes not even eating for almost two days because he didn't like his food. I tried many brands of dry food, sometimes mixing it with canned, warming it up, etc. I think he was only fed table scraps before we got him because he would start barking and jumping up and down whenever we ate at the table. I made this food two weeks ago, and I can't tell you what a difference it has made at his mealtimes. He polished off the first bowl in about 2 minutes, and I've fed it to him every day since. I now mix it 1/2 & 1/2 with dry food and he still runs to his bowl right away and finishes it up. The single batch made enough for 6 large plastic containers. I put one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. Rocky is 60 pounds, and this lasts him for 12 days when mixed with his dry food. It's economical, but best of all is I don't have to worry about Rocky anymore -- when it's his dinnertime he's in dog heaven. THANKS, Peggy for sharing this recipe!!! (BTW, I wanted to post the picture of Rocky because he eats this with such gusto that all the photos of him have a blurry head and dog tag. :)

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TasteTester July 19, 2010

My three dogs give this ten plus stars. They loved it. I will add more later when I find out if my little chubby loses some weight. (Maybe I should eat this also). Thanks Peggy for a great recipe.

Just got some great news from the vet - Maggie has lost a half a pound in two weeks. The vet also looked at this recipe and said it was good for them. Thanks again Peggy.

Just wanted to add an update - Maggie has been on this food for six months and has lost a total of one pound - a lot for a toy poodle. All four of my little furbabies love this food.

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Connie Lea November 10, 2010

I have been making your recipe now for over a year. My peekapom was way overweight and the vet had me using the frozen Bravo diet. That started to get too expensive. When I found your recipe I decided to try it. I'm so glad I did. This makes enough food for me to feed her for almost 3 months and it usually costs me about $13 to make it. I can't say enough about this recipe. She had her yearly checkup last week and the vet couldn't say enough about her. Her weight, teeth, gums, bones, everything was good on her and I credit your recipe for that. Thank you so much for saving my precious little girl. Raylene

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ChefRaylene April 14, 2009

I cooked up this recipe yesterday afternoon for my little 10 lb dog, but I cut the recipe in half (7 servings). It still made a lot. I mixed a hand full of her dry food with an equal portion of the "doggy stew"? My dog was confused at first, because she only gets dry food, but then after a few sniffs and licks, she devoured it all. I actually had 3 different taste testers. Of course... "Lucy Lu" (dog)... and also "Thumper" (one of my younger duckings that is still inside the house, and she liked it also). The 3rd tester was my hubby! I had not told him I was making this recipe at the time. So when he got home from work, he saw it sitting on the stovetop. I was trying to get a photo of the "dog stew" and he made a smart little comment... so I took the photo and quietly walked away. A short time later he approached me and commented... " it's a little bland, if you ask me". Yes, he helped himself to a bowl and I still have not told him what he ate! Thanks for such a fun recipe. I will definately make this again. I will probably double the next batch so I have enough to feed my dog, the outside ducks, and maybe even hubby (if he gets smart with me again)! Made for PAC - Spring 2013

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rosie316 March 28, 2013

Oh my it does make alot!! I used stew meat which I cut into small pieces because I have a little Maltese and Toby's mouth isn't very big. (only when he barks) He was getting tired of the food I was feeding him but let me tell you what, he couldn't seem to eat this wonderful food fast enough and licked the bowl clean which is unusual for him. I'm hoping it will be ok to freeze portions of this. Toby and I THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this healthy recipe. It deserves a thousand stars.

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Miss Eve April 23, 2010

My boys loved this for dinner. One dog (Coddy) always try to steal the other dogs (Buster) dinner every night......... not tonight, for the first time it was going to be a fight to the death if he tried to steal it! lol Cody had no chance for the first time ever Buster was not willing to share, he growled every time Cody came near! Although he did share with the cats who had a taste and liked it very much also! I used sausage meat, as I had some left over to use and also used the soy sauce and stock cubes. I will be making this quite often Peggy. Thank You.

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Tisme September 07, 2008

I hate to admit this, but I think I would eat this too. LOL!

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MizEmerilLagasse September 26, 2007

I have an aging diabetic dog who has gone off her food (except for the raw chicken drumstick) and consequently isn't get sufficient nutrients and her insulin levels are unstable. So I showed Peggy's recipe to the vet who thought it was good and my pooch, Poppy, loves it! I have mixed in some of the dry pellets she really needs to eat (has glucosimine in them for her joints) and while she still manages to eat around them for the most part, she is eating about half of them in the casserole mix. Thanks Peggy! I give it 5 stars even if the stars don't show up.

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croceau January 08, 2013

Lucy my fussy, thin, greyhound X gives this 5 stars. She is a total fuss pot about food and often just chooses not to eat. Not today though - she loved her casserole !! I think she would have asked for seconds if she could talk !!

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katew March 10, 2011

I have three dobies and one sheltie-mix, but we mix a quarter-cup with their kibble, and they practically inhale their meals, and don't leave anything in their bowls! They give this recipe their whole-hearted approval.

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tracytrebilcox September 05, 2012
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