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When feeding pets people food, you really have to watch the sodium content. Most canned foods are very high in sodium. A better choice would be cooked brown rice and fresh ground cooked chicken or beef, lamb etc. You can make a really big batch and freeze it in freezer bags in the amount you dog needs. Fresh is always best.

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Goob's_Mom September 14, 2007

A very old, reliable standby for upset tummies and/or the runs. I usually use ground beef (or turkey) and either boil in (yes, I know that sounds disgusting but it gets rid of any fat, which is difficult to digest) or pan-fry and drain well on paper towels. Long-grain white rice is recommended as it is easier to digest than brown rice. I usually feed two meals per day but can divide into three meals if dog is really miserable. Make sure plenty of fresh water is available at all times for a sick dog; don't want dehydration. If this 'cure' doesn't work in 36-48 hours, a visit to the vet is in order. If the pooch seems better in 24-36 hours, I usually continue to serve this but add some bland, easy to digest veggies (steamed mashed or grated carrot, pumpkin-the vegetable, not the pie filling, any of the squashes, steamed and slightly mashed, etc). I do this for a day or two as a 'transition' back to a regular diet; helps avoid relapses..... For emergencies you can keep a meal or two's worth of cooked ground beef in individual bags in the freezer; just thaw & cook up the rice & you're good to go!

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New England Clam Chowda July 13, 2008

We make similar things and add to their food as a little treat. But only in very small portions once in a great while. I do have to agree that giving the dogs fresh chicken is best but it's still a great recipe. I like to give them a little boiled chicken when we're making chicken tacos or use a little of the broth over their food. It goes very quickly.

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ChrissyVas80 January 27, 2008
Dog Food for Dogs With Upset Tummies and Don't Want to Eat