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I keep a jar of coconut oil and a homemade salt/sugar scrub by my sink. I liked the idea of whipping the vitamin E with the oil. I added a few drops of orange extract. I use the oil on my hands, feet, and the ends of my hair. It is a fantastic make-up remover. Thanks for sharing.

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Miss Fannie August 11, 2013

I mean great in theory for a Newbie - any experienced educated DIY cosmetic creator will laugh at this and close the tab. Me being a Newbie was stoked that I had everything I needed to do this!! Yay!! Then after whipping it into this luxurious light and fluffy body butter it started to melt. I put it in the fridge, which made it so solid that it was IMPOSSIBLE to get out of the jar. I set it out on the counter to thaw and it lost its whipped look and melted back into a glob of gelatinous goo. Great smelling goo, goo I love to slather all over myself but this is a totally NON FUNCTIONAL recipe. Just letting everyone know. Check out swift craft monkeys blog about body butter to see how this really needs to be done properly. Also a great book is The Idiots Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products. BEST book I've been through, and I've been through 10

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AllieCalie April 26, 2013
DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter