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He Cheryl, very delicious! Thank you, However, I did make a few changes - we used a mixture of cremini and button mushrooms, instead of basil(personal preference)we used Italian seasoning and we used Guyere in stead of Swiss. Increased the amount of onion powder and added a clove of garlic(smashed)which I added at the end of cooking the mushrooms. Don't you love people who take a basic recipe and turn it all around? Sorry - a lot of it is due to their likes & dislikes here at the 'home' It was truly "yummelicious" and we'll definitely make this again. Thanks for posting, Diane :=) OH, omitted the hot sauce, can't serve it here.

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Manami December 20, 2006

This was very tasty, but just a little bland for my taste. I made this for my sister and her husband last night. I added about twice the spinach and extra crab meat, but I think it might need more crab meat. Thanks for sharing.

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~Nimz~ February 08, 2006

I enjoy quiche recipes that have no crust, and this one tastes great. I made this with portabellas -- that would be my favorite mushroom for this recipe. Next time I will increase the spinach (personal preference). I skimped and used half imitation crabmeat (bad idea) and found myself eating around the cheap stuff. Next time it's strictly real crabmeat. Thanks for being so specific about blotting the mushrooms and crab -- that saved my dish from being watery. I'm looking forward to leftovers at lunch tomorrow!

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Kathy :-( June 14, 2005
Divine Crab Quiche