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This is simply a good outline of the right way to do it, much the same as I would do from practice and instinct. I made a 9x13 pan of rolls, and baked the remainder of the dough in cupcake-sized muffin cups. Both came out beautiful and flavorful. I've will added this to my recipe book. THANK YOU!! 5 Stars; no, no; It's over the top, Like 8-10 is more like it.

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CHEF GRPA November 04, 2012

I have used the same recipe for 45 years that I got from my grandmother....until I tried this recipe . It's easy to make and delicious. Unfortunately I could eat the whole pan by myself. I have passed this recipe to my entire family. :)

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ldyrose September 23, 2013

Loved these rolls.. the first time I made these, I was in a hurry and didn't placve in the fridge. I let the dough rise and then formed into rolls and let rise again. They took much more than 10 minutes to cook. it was at least 35-40 minutes. But when they were finally done, they were amazing
Today I placed the dough in the fridge according to the recipe and nothing happened. So, after removing from the fridge, I formed the rolls and covered to let rise in a warm place. After 2 hours, nothing. I'm still holding hope that they'll rise. We won't have rolls with dinner, but rather as a bedtime treat...I hope.

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kathyann4 December 22, 2011
Divas Can Cook Grandma's Homemade Yeast Rolls