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I found this recipe off the 'net, and after trying it, I did make some changes to it. As I am not fond of mineral oil (because it sits on the skin and is not absorbed like some other oils can), I used grapeseed oil. Since pure essential oils can be expensive, the 1 tsp of oil is a little bit excessive. Scent it to your personal preference. Liquid soap usually is scented, so it may clash with essential oils used. I have never come accross in my travels (of beauty products) what good vodka would do for the skin, (except bring the cost up), I wouldn't add it. The bath oil would go sour before you would have used it all up, so 1/4 cup would be a better amount used per bath. On the whole the recipe is fine, but it does need to be fiddled with

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Abby Girl August 22, 2006
Dispersing Bath Oil