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Yummy. I made the french toast and the syrup according to your directions. The only thing i didn't like was that the alchohol was kind of bitter in the syrup. Next time i will skip that or make sure i boil the syrup longer so that it cooks off. Yummy recipe. Thanks!

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Pepper Monkey November 26, 2006

Yum!! The toast by itself is delicious. I tried the butter and syrup, but I thought it was better without (though if you like things sweeter, do make the syrup). I doubled the milk and Amaretto in the custard for our tastes. Definitely use french or sourdough bread - I tried this with both sourdough and whole grain, and they weren't even in the same ballpark. Thanks for a wonderful breakfast!

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Maito February 27, 2008

OMG!! This is the "VERY" best recipe for french toast that I have ever made or had in my LIFE!!! WOW! it totally deserves the highest rating ever!! DH and I both were both on cloud nine after having this for breakfast this morning. DH said ..."it was just amazing and was the highest quality breakfast meal that he had ever had and that noone could get a better meal in the resturants as we had". This recipe will forever be the one we use for french toast from now on. Fantastic recipe! I made both butter and syrup and I highly recommend both when making this recipe. It really contributes to the french toast. Thanks so much for sharing this outstanding recipe. A+++ rating

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Marsha D. October 28, 2006

Wonderful recipe!! We really enjoyed this French Toast. The almond taste was wonderful! Brought french toast to new heights! I made the toast, butter and the syrup. I will definitely be making this recipe again! Thank you for sharing this wonderful amaretto recipe!

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NcMysteryShopper April 01, 2006

Amazing what a little Amaretto can do for plain old French toast - oh so tender and delicious. Skipped the butter and used a little powdered sugar and plain old syrup - abolutely wonderful.

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LorenLou November 05, 2005
Disaronno French Toast