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Wow! These were fantastic and very easy to make. I did them just plain caramel, with rice krispies and with chopped pecans. They were easier to work with once the caramel cooled a little bit and I didn't coat the bottom with caramel. I just left them plain. Thanks for sharing!!! I will make these often.

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brian48195 December 09, 2008

Okay...my first thought was...I cannot WAIT to eat these. When I started making them, they were so MESSY...oh my GOODNESS...but, once I got my groove down, they were quick. I ran out of Rice Krispies so I crushed some corn flakes and used those for the last few. JUST AS GOOD! I'm thinking of trying frosted flakes on the next batch. I had a bit of caramel left over, a great treat with some sliced apples. I didn't try the freezer thing because they were for my holiday trays. Once you put them on waxed paper, though, don't touch them and make sure you work quick so the marshmallows don't melt in the hot caramel. Delicious, Bullwinkle! These were a great treat!

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Redneck Epicurean December 28, 2006

my mom is the best she used to make these all the time and they taste as good as i remember but we called them haystacks.

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kimmaboo October 26, 2006
Dipped Marshmallows