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This was such a refreshing change for us. The flavors were all in harmony, and the fresh dill and fresh chives added a wonderful piquant flavor. The visual appeal was lovely. I cooked the peas for only 3 minutes, and they still had that beautiful green color. Really a delightful dish. Thanks so much for sharing a real keeper.

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Miss Annie February 27, 2003

I don't want to be unfair, so I'm not giving stars. I was very disappointed with this recipe and thought it was terribly bland. But I haven't had many pea salads, and maybe they're supposed to be bland ... I also didn't use sour cream, but substituted Total nonfat Greek yogurt. (I don't use sour cream.) Because I changed the recipe, it isn't fair of me to criticize it as written; but I do have to say there wasn't enough going on with this recipe for me to want to try to work with it. Having said that, thanks for posting it! I'm glad I tried it.

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KLHquilts April 24, 2007
Dilled Pea Salad