Dilled Carrot Sticks

Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

These look so attractive on an appie tray and they are SOOooo good for you The recipe can be doubled

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  1. Simmer the carrots in the Dill pickle juice.
  2. covered until they are just beginning to get tender (15- 20 minutes).
  3. Cool in the pickle juice overnight in the fridge.
  4. Drain well, dab dry.
  5. sprinkle with parsley or dill weed.
  6. Serve chilled.
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TOOOOOOOOOOOO EASYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Great to keep in a jar and when you have the munchies they are there. SO Dilly good.

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Thanks for sharing this recipe. Unfortunately I didn't really like how the carrots turned out. I like the dill taste but don't like how I could still taste the sweetness of the carrots. I hoped that if I let the carrots sit in the juice longer they would have a stronger dill taste :(

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I wasn't sure what I would make of this recipe because it sounded pretty unusual but I was intrigued because I like both pickles and carrots. I was also drawn to it for the economics of using something most people throw away, such a pickle juice. I am glad I tried it because it turned about to be a good and new taste experience. The recipe was easy and I enjoyed the fresh tasting zing of the carrots. I have been eating them alongside a sandwich at lunch like I would normally do with pickles. Made for PAC Spring 2009.