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The presentation of this dish is very pretty. I wasn't fond of the basil and dill combination, but the cashews lent an interesting addition to the flavor of the fish. The instructions didn't say when to add the onion, but I assumed it was at the beginning with the water, wine and herbs, so that is what I did. The cooking time of 10 minutes was perfect for my fillets. I did have to substitute sole fillets for the tilapia, as tilapia is not available in my area, but they are similar in flavor and texture, so I don't think that the substitution comprimised the recipe in any way. Good luck in the contest!

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canarygirl March 10, 2005

Tasty, but I had to reduce the fluids to get the concentrated sauce down to anywhere near 1/4 cup. In my view the cashews do not go with the other flavors. I realize this is RSC, but I would have used pine nuts I think

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Pabbit March 07, 2005

This is a flavorful main dish. It is low carb and low fat; a good choice for someone doing Atkins, South Beach or one of the other limited-carb eating plans. The wine/herb poaching liquid gives the tilapia some pizzazz and the spinach and cashews are very complementary. I used roasted salted cashews. That being said, there was a problem with this recipe, and under normal circumstances I would just contact the chef and have it clarified. But since this is a contest situation, I must note that two of the listed ingredients (sliced onion and parmesan or asiago cheese) are not accounted for in the preparation instructions, so I guessed. I recall my mom poaching fish with sliced onions, so I added and removed the onion with the fish (steps 5 and 6) and served it on top of the fish with the shredded cheese. I hope this was as the chef intended.

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ClareVH February 18, 2005
Dill Tilapia and Spinach