Dijon Marinated BBQ Chicken

Recipe by tpw1963 williams

Marinated and BBQed

Top Review by Busters friend

OMG - this made the BEST grilled chicken this evening - we were all going for the pieces marinated in this! Used a whole chicken cur into 8 pieces and marinated for 2 days (got busy). Fired up the grill this afternoon & started off with this batch of chicken. It put the really good jerk chicken to shame! And that is coming from a bunch of chili-heads! The chicken was moist, flavorful & the mustard-wine-herb combination was enhanced by slow moist BBQing. The chicken developed a golden lacquer that was just beautiful too! This is such a keeper I almost feel the need to start a new cookbook just for this one! Thank you tpw196 (can't see the rest of your name b/c review box is over it) for the best marinade we've ever used!

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  1. Combine all marinade ingredients and spread all over chicken pieces.
  2. Marinate overnight.
  3. At least two hours if a quick result is required.
  4. Cook on hotplate part of grill until sealed.
  5. Finish on BBQ/Griller for 15-30 minutes; turning pieces often.
  6. Baste pieces during cooking with any remaining marinade.

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