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Chef's Note: I strongly recommend rolling the dough between sheets of wax paper instead of on a floured surface, because it is a somewhat dry dough and adding even the smallest amount of flour by rolling the dough in it might result in a dough that is a little too dry and crumbly.

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Mille® April 09, 2002

Awesome, though it doesn't taste 'exactly' like the commercial stuff (McV, I know! :) I halved the recipe, and used level tablespoons of wheat germ (was that wise?!). The dough was a bit crumbly so I added an additional tablespoon of water to hold it together. I printed out this recipe without your review, Miller, so I did roll it out on a lightly floured surface, but in batches, because it was easier to work with. This made 23 biscuits, which I baked for 20 minutes. Thanks for this one... it's time consuming, but worth the effort!

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Anu May 15, 2002

Whenever I work with cookie doughs such as this one, I roll the dough in plastic wrap into a log shape and refrigerate for a couple of hours. This allows the gluten to relax in the flour, firms up the dough, and you can then slice into thin cookies. If the dough is not firm enough to slice, then freeze it for a short time. If this recipe is not to your tastes, may I suggest Digestive Biscuits for Digestive Biscuits? I have not tried that one yet, but the reviews from ex-pats were good.

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suesings62 March 28, 2014

I happen to have some Harrod's digestive biscuits and these are not the same. They also were tough and tasteless. The recipe required more water to even get to gather up into a ball to roll. Something is very wrong with this recipe.

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Iconographer November 14, 2009

These taste good with jam, but they do not resemble in any way any of the digestives we ever ate in England. We followed the recipe and preparation suggestions -- though we could not roll the dough out between sheets of waxed paper as the dough was too wet and it simply adhered to the paper. What did we do wrong? The aroma that filled the kitchen whilst they were baking as wonderful, but none of it remained in the taste of the biscuit! Any suggestions? What might we have done wrong? --Richard Greene

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greenefamily June 11, 2009

I made this for my grandma's bday, who enjoys the LU brand digestive biscuits every morning. I used 2.5 cups whole wheat (I wasnt sure how much 11oz was, but according to most websites, that was the consensus), 4 rounded tbsp wheat germ, 1 stick butter (4oz) & followed the rest of the recipe. I rolled them out between wax paper, which was pretty simple to do. Texture and taste were great, only thing is that I wish I had made them a bit thinner, so my only advice is really try for 1/8"!

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janetyu828 December 20, 2007
Digestive Biscuits