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My aunt and I made this for my moms Bachelorette Party that we threw for her. My aunt didn't want to buy a cake but wanted us to make this cake for her party instead. I'm not sure where she got the recipe, I think from WW's maybe. Anyway, we used chocolate cake (my mom's favorite) and diet cherry coke. We frosted the cake with canned vanilla frosting. We baked in a bundt cake pan. I couldn't believe it but we go so many complaints and every wanted a piece. I felt badly because we underestimated how many people would actually want cake since so many people are watching their weigtht, etc. and the last few parties we had both been to so many people had turned down cake. Not one person turned down the cake - everyone wanted a piece. We had to cut the cake pieces small and then people were asking for seconds and there wasn't any left to give them seconds =( We didn't advertise this as being low-fat since we had frosted it nor did we tell people our little trick (diet soda). Her main reason that day for making this cake was because it is so easy & fast. This cake came out so moist.

I have since been to a tupperware party where they made this cake using a microwable bowl that they sell. (I bought one). They used diet orange soda & white cake mix frosted w/whipped topping...so good =)

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"mom of girls" April 19, 2011

Soooooo Good! i made cupcakes for my husband's 30th birthday with a side of WW Cookies and Cream ice cream. It was so tasty that he went back for seconds! Yum, yum and YUM! I will definitely make this again. Would love to try the diet cream soda with chocolate cake.

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katevgrew October 17, 2010

Wow this is good. I made cupcakes and used diet cherry Pepsi. I made 12 cupcakes and they really plumped up nicely. I also added 5 - 8 dark chocolate chips to the top of each cupcake. It makes me feel like a baker and really adds a nice treat and variety to my meals. Thank you for posting.

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Amber of AZ June 20, 2010

Very moist and light. I used diet cherry coke and made cupcakes. A good recipe for those of us watching calories.

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lkatt May 07, 2009

Sorry it took so long to review this but I took this wonderful concept and ran with it. I used a lemon cake mix, and a can of sugar free ready to drink lemonade (Minute Maid). For the icing I used the Cool Whip lite and added a small box of sugar free lemon pudding. Yummy! I didn't tell anyone they were eating "diet", there wasn't a bite left. I can't wait to try other combinations. Thanks for a great recipe.

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MiMadre' October 01, 2008

This worked out great for us! It does have a tendency to stick on your fingers if you make it into cupcakes so I would recommend wet wipes if you are packing it in a lunch :) I can't wait to try it with vanilla cake and other diet soda flavors. This will be great to keep me on track with WW, only less than 1 pt. for a small cupcake. YUM.

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WhirledPeas April 28, 2008

I'm rating this 5 stars because it is an outstanding 'RV-ing'recipe: simple ingredients to mix and then bake in disposable pan. Wondering if diet 7-up and carrot cake mix would work?

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Barbara.a.jeppeson February 13, 2008

Well, this didn't really work for me. I couldn't get a toothpick to come out clean, even after more time, so I thought I'd just let it cool and see what happened. It's really gooey. I did realize that my oven maybe wasn't all the way up to 350 (what the box called for). Also, I used a reduced sugar mix (it contains Splenda), so that may have had something to do with it. Oh well. It doesn't have eggs in it, so we'll just eat it gooey like this. I made some glaze/frosting to put on top, just powdered sugar and milk and flavoring. I'm sure the cool whip frosting would be great, I just didn't have any. No stars, because I didn't quite follow the recipe. I may try it again sometime, with a regular cake mix, and be sure to have the oven exactly as high as it needs to be.

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cookiemaker December 14, 2007

OMG!!!! I like choc. No, I REALLY like choc. Well, yesterday was a friends bday who drinks only diet coke, so decided to make this cake for him. EVERYONE loved this cake! SO GOOD, and SO EASY. Seriously does not taste like diet coke!

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pccreative February 11, 2013

Great chocolate fix with less guilt! Couldn't get any easier than this! Cake is moist & fudgey but mine didn't rise very much.

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Debbb March 17, 2012
Diet Coke Cake