Diced Ham Dinner Starter (oamc)

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

Not really a recipe but having this on hand in the freezer gets dinner on the table in no time flat! Check out my Public Cookbook for recipes to use this in. In addition, you will also need a good knife (electric works best) and 10 medium ziploc freezer bags. **NOTE**I do not add the salt and pepper but I could not submit a recipe with only 1 ingredient so I improvised**

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 (2 kg) fully cooked deli ham (honey, old fashioned, black forest, etc.)
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 pinch pepper


  1. Cut deli ham into cubes about 1 cm (or less)square. (My kids don't like the skin on the ham so I cut that off too).
  2. Package cubed ham into bags with approximately 1-2 cups of ham in each bag.
  3. Press out as much air as possible, label and freeze.
  4. To serve, add ham cubes to your favourite recipes. Defrost in the microwave if necessary.
Most Helpful

I actually did this today. Husband and I bought a huge ham and got 4 weeks worth of lunch meats for him, and a few ham steaks for dinners, and 2 bags of diced ham. I usually use the diced ham for homemade pizza with pineapple. I wrap all the ham up in their own saran wrap and baggies and place in one freezer bag. That saves freezer space and expensive freezer bags.

viviansmomma January 15, 2012

I do this all the time, too! I use the dices for baked potato bars, breakfast "hash," soups (I love to toss them into a copycat version of Panera's cream cheese/potato soup), salad, etc.

worldmom12 October 27, 2010

FYI - This is approximately 4.5 # of ham. I do this same process once a year when ham is on sale. Another way to use the diced ham is mixed in with scalloped potatoes before baking. They are also good on a salad along with swiss cheese cubes, green olives and a basil garlic vinaigrette.

npp3512007 September 20, 2010