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just terrible. i used chai tea and bananas and even added some spices and a bit of sugar based on the recommendations from the comments but it didnt help at all. they have a weird texture (i guess i'd call it gummy. and dense) and no taste. after i tasted the first ones out of the oven and realized how bad they were, i added lots more sugar to the batter yet to go into the oven but all the sugar in the world couldn't save these.

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lalamzo June 05, 2010

I was impressed with the texture. They were perfect except for being a little bit under-sweet, which was easily remedied by slicing them open and adding vegan butter and pineapple freezer jam. I made mine in a mini-muffin tin and used bananas and applesauce as the fruit pulp. Quite enjoyable. I will be making these again.

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Anonymous April 15, 2015

Tasteless. Needs sugar or sweetener of some kind - but toasting and smearing them with some jam is making them edible.

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ElleEm May 13, 2014

YUCK... I used apple sauce for the fruit and soy milk for my fluids, .I baked them 17 minutes and they were sort of gummy. Need to bake a LOT longer than what is indicated. Should have read the comments...probably would have skipped onto another recipe. I think the people who gave this a good rating added LOTS of other things which these DESPERATELY need but that still would not change the texture. Also, the recipe doesn't tell you to grease the muffin pans. I sprayed with pan and they still stuck - not a good recipe.

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ms. aprons February 11, 2013

I think this is a good base recipe so you can make what you want with what you have on hand. I did add sugar, I used orange juice and apple pie filling and hazel nuts and since I used so much liquid with the apple pie filling I also added bran flakes for extra fiber. I also used nutmeg and cinnamon and a touch more baking powder and baking soda so they would rise high. Great taste!

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lindacole September 02, 2012

I was a little skeptical after reading the mixed reviews in this recipe but decided to give it a go. I used 2 ripe bananas for the fruit pulp, low fat soy milk for the liquid, whole wheat flour and large flake oats. I also added 2tbsp of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp each of ground cloves and allspice. I also added 1/4 cup of brown sugar Spenda since most of the reviews found that the recipe needed a little more sweetness. These are a great breakfast muffin. they are not a cupcake and I think that is what some of the reviewers were expecting. They are heavy but that is just what I want for breakfast!

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katiebear291 July 07, 2012

We loved these muffins! I think that they are perfect for breakfast or maybe as a snack.
Great if you're trying to eat healthier and/or want to lose weight.
Although I really appreciate the lack of butter, oil and/or sugar, you can always add sugar or coat them with dulce de leche or melted chocolate to up the sweetness.

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QueenCookie March 13, 2012

This was such a waste! These muffins have a gummy, soggy texture and are flavorless. If that is what the reviews are calling 'moist', they can keep them. Not to mention half of the muffin sticks to the paper liner. I used applesauce, milk and whole wheat flour with some cinnamon. I can't imagine the muffins would be any different using alternate ingredients. They were so disappointing the one time I'd rather not risk another try.

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KikiChowHound January 30, 2011

I used 1 minute oatmeal and milk, 2 bananas with few ounces of apple sauce , 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 white sugar and I loved them!! These are moist but dense enough to be great for a satisfying breakfast. If you are looking for a cake-like muffin this recipe is not for you!

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Sophia & Maya's Mom January 11, 2011
Diana's Awesome Oatmeal Muffins