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Althought the amount of carbs (carbs break down into sugar) in this recipe are on the high side for the amount per serving it was yummy. I will make this again for my family and try very hard not to eat more then 1 serving. Thanks for the recipe.

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Leona April 11, 2003

We found these date squares delicious and very little difference from the taste of regular date squares. I used regular splenda and followed the recipe exactly. This will be a delightful addition to my holiday stash, I may do another batch with a defferent filling, maybe cranberry. thanks for sharing. Dec 6/07 - just to let you know I make these quite often , one of DH's favourites, and especially good for Holiday baking , we have 5 diabetics to bake for over the holidays and they all love this recipe, thanks again!

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Derf December 07, 2007

I made these squares for my mom who is diabetic and always craving sweets and she loved em. I also tried them and found that they tasted like the real thing,you couldn't even tell they had artificial sweetner in them. I only change I made was that I used Equal instead. Next time I make them I'll try adding a bit of orange juice to the filling. Thanx Elaine.

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Beeks May 19, 2003

These are very good date squares. Possibly the best recipe I've tried with Splenda. I did need a bit more water to cook the dates, probably closer to 2 cups (I kept adding a few tablespoons at a time to prevent burning), and I was wishing I'd chopped up the dates first instead of just putting them in the pot. But they cooked up fine, just needed more time and water. I had enough Splenda for the crust, but only had about a quarter cup left for the dates, so I cooked it like that and tasted a bit to see if I should add some sugar to make it sweet enough. Now I am wondering if I even needed to add Splenda to the dates at all! Dates are so sweet by themselves, it probably isn't necessary.

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*Pixie* November 27, 2004

Made these today and they are wonderful. The crust is nice a flakey. I had whole dates which I chopped in my food processor. Splenda has a new product made specifically for baking and I used it in this recipe. The crust browned nicely. Also, I added a few finely chopped pecans to the crumb mixture. I always make a cookie assortment at Christmas and these have been added to the list. Thanks for sharing.

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PaulaG October 07, 2004

These were pretty good! I added these to my Christmas baking, but unfortunately the diabetic one I specifically wanted to make them for didn't even try them, instead she had all the other yummy sweets that she is not supposed to have....yes, my Mother is not very good at avoiding the stuff she shouldn't have. The only ones who ended up trying them was myself and my youngest. We both thought they were pretty good, they were dry though was my only complaint about them. But with so many super sweet things that I baked and put out this year it was nice to have a not-so-sweet alternative. Since nobody else seemed interested in trying them I doubt I would make them again, I still have some left I will probably have to dump because they have been sitting for a week and I don't think anyone will want them now.

For diabetics who actually stick to their diet better than my Mom, and for people who just don't like super sweet things this is a nice recipe and was very easy to make.

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jomom75 December 30, 2010

Love date bars and have been avoiding the date bars at the bakery. Thanks for the low sugar recipe. Don't know if they are diabetic fare, so just had half a serving. Yummy.

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L DJ April 06, 2008

DH loved these, date bars is a favorite of his. I made these using butter instead of margarine.Thank you for the recipe!

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Barb Gertz December 24, 2007

Very good taste. Thanks

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Zuly Z August 08, 2007

Made this for a Zarr Gathering September 06 and everyone seemed to enjoy. The recipe was easy to follow and took very little time to prepare. My picky SD has found something she loves and DS loves them too. I could not tell the difference between these and ones made with sugar. Will update when I hear from my dad what he though. He is diabetic and always 'cheats' when it comes to his favorite treat so I made sure he got some too.

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Tiggrr September 10, 2006
Diabetic Date Squares