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As written, I wouldn't be comfortable giving this as a gift. I'm glad I tried it in advance. I assumed incorrectly that this was to fill a quart jar, but to do that, I doubled all but the walnuts to make it fit the jar, again as a test run. It did look really pretty. I used semisweet chocolate chips after looking up that 3 oz = 1/2 cup, and I followed the instructions wondering if I was doing something wrong. Perhaps the chocolate should have been melted first like some other recipes I've seen? I'm not sure, but it came out not looking like brownies, but like a chocolate chip baked graham cracker crumb casserole, which I guess is kind of what it is. The taste is good enough that I did decide to give this as a gift, but I re-named it. It's good, but it's not "brownies."

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Maggie, Cooking December 24, 2007

I made this for my B/I/L for Christmas, using chocolate flavored graham crackers and chocolate chips. Makes a cute gift layered in the jar. Made for Alphabet Soup Game. Thanks for posting.

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ElaineAnn December 26, 2006
Diabetic Brownies in a Jar