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this was really good... I followed recipe exactly except replaced 1/2 soy sauce with terriyaki sauce.. I fix meals for one so I froze most of it and had some the next day... It was still REALLY good. Next time i think I will try thin slices instead of cubes.. and there will be a next time... Ohh one more thing.... on other skewers I threaded vegetables and brushed with the marinade and broiled as well.

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CoolMonday February 19, 2004

I made this yesterday for my father who is diabetic and he really liked it a lot. I thought the flavor was nice. I cut the sirloin in strips, used the sherry and some scallion oil instead of the vegetable oil, and Splenda. I've never cooked with Splenda before as I'm not a big fan, so that was interesting and it worked. Next time I will try on the grill instead of the broiler, I think it will bring out the flavors more, thanks for posting!!

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carmenskitchen July 05, 2009

I tossed thinly sliced marinated sirloin in the wok with veggies and the marinaide. Turned out delicious! YUM! Diabetic members of my family are thanking you!

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djmastermum December 28, 2005
Diabetic Beef Teriyaki