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I am doing a high tea after a dedication at church tomorrow....so I made this. I only put in half the sugar and am glad. I really like it on the tart side. It is still plenty sweet.

I looked at a bunch of recipes and chose this one as the ingredients are most likely to be in the house. I did learn that I ould substitute cream for either the sour cream or the cream cheese or just add it. OR instead of cream cheese and sour cream use marscapone and cream

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Ambervim September 24, 2011

Yum! My family ate this on chocolate chip scones. Made it just the way you have posted and it works wonderfully. Thanks!

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Brandy Sue August 12, 2007

Yum! This cream was so delicious with a piece of spice cake, and I'm sure it will improve all of the other desserts I will be adding it to. My only quibble is that I couldn't get the cream cheese to completely break down, no matter how long I beat together the ingredients. There were little tiny lumps of cream cheese in it, but it really tastes great (kind of like a thinned cream cheese frosting). Thanks for sharing!

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Aunt Cookie August 30, 2006
Devonshire Cream