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Everybody liked it, when I served it in our home. Wonderful! Next time I might double the amount of everything and make it full size cake, a big one. Thank you for this recipe!

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hedi777 March 11, 2008

I'm rating the cake part only, as I was looking for a simple chocolate sponge cake to make into a chocolate mousse loaf. The cake was light, the sweetness just right, and went perfectly with my chocolate mousse. I didn't have treacle, so I used corn syrup instead. Thanks for the great recipe, which I'm sure will be a regular in my house!

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WaterMelon December 08, 2004

This is now my definitive chocolste Cake recipe. I would have never have thought to add treacle before, but that and the coffee really work to add that rich chocolate flavour that any chocolate cake should have (in my opinion). If you like your chocolate cakes to have a sweet milk chocolate flavour, this one is not for you. The only changes I made was to use butter instead of margarine, cook it in one tin and then split the cake - and to add a tablespoon of double cream to the filling/topping at the end of cooking.It made it a little more child friendly and easier to spread, plus was a testament to all of the cream teas I have woofed down in Devon on holiday as a child! Thanks so much for posting this recipe Kooka, it's wonderful. I've tried three of your recipes now and they really are good - it's about time you had a go at one of mine!

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Kate in Katoomba June 06, 2004
Devonshire Chocolate Sponge