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I don't like giving bad reviews but this was awful. Everyone hated it, no one could eat it, except my four year old who thought just because it looked like chocolate it tasted like chocolate. Even she could't take anymore after a few bites. I made it like as a three layer cake and cooked it thoroughly but it still tasted sort of dirty and like beets and greens. Ample amounts of chocolate frosting couldn't hide the taste. I had very high hopes but was sorely disappointed. That being said it would seem that most people have had success with this so by all means go for it and good luck.

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UnRefined September 12, 2010

I tasted the beets.

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amyguzz66 January 04, 2009

These are moist and they definately satisfy that choc-o monstor that my whole family has lurking under the surface. I used Duncan Hines reg. Moist Devil's Food Cake and cut leaf spinach (had to puree longer) and the beets. The mix called for 1/2 cup of oil and because I was trying these to sneak some good stuff to my kids, I subbed out the oil (as I usually do) with a little pre-packaged unsweet apple sauce. That is 1/3 cup. I cut the oil to a little less than 1/8 cup. I made mini cupcakes and bigger cupcakes and filled them to the top as suggested. They appeared to rise but after cooling they were more flatish on top, so don't do the 3/4 full thing on this recipe. I think there is an aftertaste of the spinach..but unless you knew they were in there, you wouldn't know what that taste was. I used vanilla icing, but I think chocolate icing will definately cover that slight after taste better. My kids are anti-spinach and beets and they never suspected a thing, but cried when I said no more than two (mini's) but I was the one smiling because with two mini's I think they got a serving of veggies/fruit for dessert! And, THAT is why you would bother making these with the surprise instead of just with the mix. It's for the added nutrition! I like to use shredded zuchinni too...works the same way by adding moisture to baked goods, but not as nutritious as the spinach. I can't believe this went over so well! Thanks for posting this one!

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Caryn Dalton May 25, 2007

Awesome! I love a sneaky recipe and you'd never know there were beets or spinach in these cupcakes. My kids didn't suspect a thing! Made 18 cupcakes and they were full to the absolute top of the muffin liners which worked out just fine. Moist and chocolatey. I used Kittencal's Bakery Buttercream Frosting/Icing which was to die for. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I'll make this again!

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LonghornMama April 30, 2007

You know,these cupcakes are really not bad, but I can't figure quite why I need to use the beets and spinach,and an extra egg,when you get basically the same effect by just making the box mix up, although believe they ARE a little more moist than the box mix,and I'm not saying they are not good.....they really are good,just added steps,and added ingredients.BUT tasty!!! Thanks,Darlene

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Darlene Summers August 02, 2006
Devil's Food Surprise Cupcakes