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For flavor, this one gets 5 stars. The cake batter is beautifully smooth and the cake is aromatic and flavorful. The bittersweet ganache was nice, although possibly a little bit too strong for me. And the rest... wow. I was wild about the peppermint-white-chocolate whipped cream filling, which is unlike anything I've ever made. Really nice strong peppermint fragrance and flavor. And the marshmallow-meringue frosting is also unlike anything I've ever made. It was the devil to work with (it took at least twice as long to get to the right consistency, and then it was still liquid enough to drip everywhere, covering my kitchen and making a headachey sticky mess), but once it dries it's got the neatest texture. I did have a caketastrophe with this recipe, but it was all entirely of my own doing (forgetting to level off the cake tops before stacking, not letting the layers cool quite long enough before filling them, and then accidentally jamming on a cake dome that was shorter than the cake itself... oops). Despite having to serve it in a bowl with meringue glopped on top, the flavor I thought was really superb. Now that I know what to expect, I'll try this cake again for sure. It's time-consuming, but I think worth the effort.

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CarsonM March 07, 2010

Beauty cake -- an icing variation I use aside from cutting out the sugars throughout the recipe is to take a tea bag of mint add a shot of vodka for my flavorings. I blend that with spirulina, blending into almond butter. I also cut the flour with a fifty fifty blending of the quinoa instead of full on flour to help keep a clean dietary tract. kudos on a most awesome recipe tho, eh? namaste~ Ooh, sugars are replaced with real maple syrup and molasses and use the corn syrup to fertilize out in your garden...

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wmlcox March 24, 2009
Devils Food 4 Layer Cake With Peppermint Frosting