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7/2011 Did them again with huge ripe, red, slicing 'maters. Used seasoned breadcrumbs -- but crushed crackers would be very good. As we age, we split one tomato and have another for tomorrow ! Very simple and quick. Will be doing again !
Being totally over-run by produce from 4 tomato plants, I search desperately for something to do for dinner. This was a tasty recipe, but there being just 2 of us, and VERY LARGE tomatoes, I decided to just fill 3. Each tomato was about 2/3 filled, and we only ate 2 of them. Be very careful of SIZE of tomatoes, if you are planning on anyone outside of family - grocery store size would likely be sufficient.

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NurseJaney July 19, 2011

Hi Mille, Tried them as described and they were great. The receipe doubles, triples & halves with ease. With the tomato crop coming in it is nice to have a really good recipe or two to hand out with the free tomatoes! Thanks!

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Grease November 09, 2006

Lovely tomatoes Miller, thanks!! the vine ripened are still around and so tastey, this was a great way to use them. I just made half a recipe, 2 tomatoes, they went wonderfully well with our baked salmon. Nice to have a change from rice filled tomatoes and we loved the cayenne and mustard, topped off with the parmesan, great taste.

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Derf October 26, 2003

great recipe! Probably would have been great with the bread, but I substituted garlic butter club crackers crunched up because I have a "thing" about mushy bread. Everyone loved them so much I was asked to make them again tonight!

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cjames2698 June 13, 2010
Deviled Tomatoes