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This was very good. I wasn't too sure how stuffing the eggs with a sour cream based mixture instead of a mayonnaise mixture would taste, but the rest of the dish is so rich that I think mayonnaise would have made it too rich. The instructions/ingredients need some clarification though. 4 tablespoons sour cream is the only sour cream in the list of ingredients. Step #4 states to add the sour cream, mustard and salt to the egg yolks for filling the egg whites, which I did. Then step #7 states to add the soup and sour cream to the sauteed onions, but there is no more sour cream listed in the ingredients, so I just added the soup. It still tasted great! Made for My 3 Chefs for my "Get Over Your Canned Soup Phobia!" theme.

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mailbelle November 23, 2009
Deviled Egg Breakfast Bake