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Lovely recipe! These German Beefsteaks remind me of German Frikadellen (meatballs). I followed the recipe exactly, except for a couple changes as I needed to use up what I had on hand. I tripled the recipe, adding in one lb. ground pork to 2 lbs. ground beef. Pork takes a bit longer to cook than beef, so after browning the beefsteaks, I boiled them for about 30 minutes in a rich chicken stock.. I thickened the stock with flour and added in sliced fresh mushrooms, chopped parsley, Hungarian paprika, mace, allspice, dill, salt & pepper, lemon juice, red wine vinegar and sour cream, which made a delectable gravy . Served with my Braised Red Cabbage and boiled new potatoes. This made a very enjoyable meal! Thank you Woodland Hues, for this fine German recipe that I will be sure to make again!

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BecR February 27, 2008

This is the original `hamburger' as it was first introduced to Americans by a German immigrant in New York City. Today, Americans turn it `inside out' by putting the ground beef in a bun, instead of the bun in the meat as this recipe correctly shows.

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Russell W. Behne July 06, 2006
Deutsches Beefsteak (German Beefsteaks)