Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Courtesy of Pueblo Bonita Pacifica, Los Cabos One of Giada's weekend getaways on Food TV.


  1. Place all ingredients in Magic Bullet or blender.
  2. Mix.
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Delicious - I was surprised how good the parsley is in this! After drinking this (the whole recipe myself) for breakfast, I suppose I had good breath all day! I agree with the previous reviewer that the grapefruit is the dominant taste, which was disappointing to me because I LOVE papayas. Some ice to make it colder would be good, and a shot of rum would be great too - but guess that would make it the Toxifying Paradise Juice. Thanks for a great recipe.

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This was pretty good. I couldn't find papaya so I used mango instead. It was very citrusy. I pured it over ice and it made a nice refreshing drink. Had it for lunch today. Thanks for sharing!